Boosting immune system to fight cancer

We have been trying to fight cancer for more than a century now. If you think about it, this is obvious: use your immune system to fight cancer. How does cancer develop in the first place? By definition, cancer is a mass of cells growing and dividing uncontrollably. So does this not happen in a healthy individual? It always does. The difference is, in a healthy normal individual, the immune system is able to recognize the cancer cell and destroy it. When that individual’s immune system doesn’t recognize it as a cancer cell, but perceives it as a healthy one, that is when the problem arises.

This is not new, the idea has been around for a long time. Cell based therapies like dendritic cell therapy has been tested with limited success before. Dendritic cell therapy Several monoclonal antibodies are approved to enhance the immune system:

There has been an increased awareness about many other key players in the recent times. For example, a monoclonal antibody against so called immune checkpoint inhibitors were approved recently. CTLA4, PD1 are two of those ICBs. Yervoy (R) and Lambrolizumab/Pembrulizumab were approved recently for treating various types of cancer

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