Breeding Flowerhorn: How to breed Flowerhorn Fish successfully in home aquarium

Flowerhorn cichlids are man-bred creatures and do not live in nature. They are purebred and reared in captivity and come in variety of colors and shapes. There are as many as 15 strains. Malaysians are credited with initiating selecting-breeding flowerhorns. You believe it or not, many people around the world believe they bring good fortunes. We believe one thing for sure, they bring good fortunes to us, prudent aquarists!Selecting breeding pair:It might be quite expensive for you to procure established breeding pairs, but even otherwise flowerhorns are not cheap. Cross breeding the strains is a well-kept trade secret so you may not end up having specific patterns according to the strain list in wikiAdd an additional water heater to the opposite side of the tank to keep the other fish warm without having to invade the flowerhorns’ territory. Upon adulthood, you will notice the flowerhorn cichlids sticking together nearest the water heater, rarely leaving that spot. This is a sign of the female becoming gravid with eggs, as they will both crave the warmthConditions:They are quite hardy like other cichlids (read likes of gauramis, discus etc). It is quite easy to breed flowerhorns compared to many other tropical fish. Neutral to mildly basic pH is good for breeding. Temperatures around 28 degrees C (82 F) should be okay too. Preparing your tank:You need big enough tank for them to freely swim. They become increasingly aggressive towards other fishes, other sex towards breeding periods. Transparent separators may be necessary. But make sure water passes through the separator because hormones/pheramones induce breeding. Rough surface is preferred so a piece of a floor tile would do great. If there are pebbles they will move it and make flat surface available for breeding.Breeding:You will see anywhere between 500-2500 eggs per pair. Eggs are laid on the flat surface and parents guard eggs and fries. They will hatch in 3-4 days depending on the temperature.They are usually good parents but if they fight among each other, it is better to remove one of them from the breeding tank, preferably female.If the pair is too aggressive to each other, especially the male towards the female, you can have a transparent separator between them even during the spawning. Just make sure water is flowing from male towards female through the separator. Hormones/pheramones will induce breeding even though they are away from each other. Sperms from male will flow through the separator to fertilize the eggs.Let them enjoy their time and make babies for you!Goodluck fromHow2BreedFish TeamMore details: for subscribing How2BreedFish feed. How2BreedFish Team

86 thoughts on “Breeding Flowerhorn: How to breed Flowerhorn Fish successfully in home aquarium

  1. i have a flowerhorn fish 1 pair but this is not match. but thay are fighting. female is not ready to do sex.

    plese reply me.
    thanx’ Sir/Madam

      • Hey jw I have a divider in my tank what side should the heater be on the males or females side or doesn’t matter??

    • Put a separator in a tank and wait for three-four day then see your flowerhorn is attract to each other then remove separator. After matting a female is laying an eggs then male is become very aggresive to protect an eggs. If male fight with female then remove the female in another tank and enjoy male to fertilize eggs. After three-four days eggs are hatched after this remove male also from this tank.

    • first get partition in tank,and watch some days both comes partition,and then see males out iner tube then remove partition.some time ago then male heat female then gat prosess agein and agein last get rezalt

  2. hey sir raghuveer can i ask if i cna use screen as divider instead of glass ?? my f flower horn is 3-4inches and my male is 10-11inches can i breed it ?? my male attack my female when i put them in same tank
    reply pleasease

    • Hi,
      Screen is not rigid enough to serve as a divider. Also, it will block the vision. It helps if they see each other.
      Let me know if you have further questions

  3. hi
    mr raghuveer

    i have a (m)flowerhorn and (f)parrot i want to breed them plz help me to do so. need some help form your side…..


  4. Sir I have 10- inch male n 8 inch female I hAd put them In sepration becoz thy fight and I want to know when will female give eggs n how I will come to know

    • By nature they are territorial, minor fighting is normal. Please read the article carefully, you can get an idea when they will breed based on their age. If they constantly fight, better to keep them secluded :(

      • yesterday I left them to breed but female is so agreesive n it bite the hump of the male so wat can I do male run turns into white colour n dots of female r became too dark black I don’t know does it accept the male r not how could I find out does female accept the male r not kindly xplain it do me a favour

  5. I want to breed flowerhorn fish at home, which size i use for breed & what is sufficient weather require for breed,
    Plz help in this regard

  6. Sir Can i leave my Pair flowerhorn With out Seprator of glass
    If i leave With out Separator also How much Days It will Take Breed And How much Days it will Lays Eggs

    Pls Reply Mei will Be Waiting

  7. hi there am vick..
    i got 2 flower horns but i dont noo which are male n female plzz cn u help me wid this n also there are not sme type , one of my flowerhorn is luks lyk a parrot fish :) plzz reply me thnxx

  8. Hi
    i have short body flowerhorn pair they have started kissing wht is the next process please help me for that
    if possible send me a mail i will send u the pics of my flowerhorn pair

  9. Hi friend how I can find my male r female is ready for breed but I tried today they r fighting I left them in transperent dividers only for more than 4month but still they fight wat to do plz help me out my friend

  10. Hello,
    I wanted to breed my flower horn male and i looking for female one and can you please help by steps.


  11. hi,
    i have a pair of flower horns, in one tank separated with glass. now the female has laid eggs even with out being together. last time i put the male with the eggs but it ate all the eggs. what all precautions should be taken. plz reply…

  12. first my male flowerhorn bites female and put in worst condition in while but after that he is not biting and i think they become a pair but they are not doing thing like said in article e.g cleaning the rock or chasing each other what can i do plz help

  13. hi i have a pair of flowerhorns (m) reddragon (fe) pinkpanther which r abt 3 monts old. mainly my question is that, can i live it together from childhood using a glass as a divider so that when they come 2 an adult age they can b easily breeded

  14. Sir good amount of information in this site, thank u,
    let me share my exp here, this is the first time I’ve tried flowerhorn breeding and happy to say I’ve succeed till a point, :-)
    The pair has laid the eggs…….!!!! Its been two days and today I had too remove the mail and female as they were fighting and the female has consumed half of the eggs…. :-( :-(….!!!
    however now I’ve removed the pair..!!!

    I hope the eggs will hatch in 3 more days…!!! Now what do I feed them…???? Once they hatch.,.!! I guess the babies will need food after 1 or 2 days..!!!!!

    Please suggests…!!!

  15. Hello sir. Can help. I have this pair of flowerhorn. I saparete them in a glass my female laid her egg. i didnt get a chance to open the divider. So i just switch thw pot to the male.bit still i saparate them side by side. D question is,is it ok if i leave the pot with the male until the egg hatch?

  16. Sir,
    I have a male fh abt 4 inch and female abt 3 inch.I put them in a 4feet tank more than a month but they didn’t breed. I really don’t know wht to do plz help me.

  17. Goodeve!

    pls help us!
    only for clarification…..
    we have fh give birth today what will i do… both parents need to hatched the eggs? can female or male only (only one of them) because there’s time they fight together.
    we are on work over 8hrs a day we can’t monitor what will happen during an hour we leaved.

    expect for your responce

  18. Hi, I have male and female of red eye kamfa they are about 10 month old female is laying eggs but male is not fertilizing ( eggs turning to white) so please tell me what I can do and at what age generally male. And female wil get mature….

  19. Hi

    I have a (m)flowerhorn and (f)devil fish, i want to breed them plz help me. They are not fighting.Mating is possible for this breeds..?need some help form your sideā€¦..


  20. This is the fourth time the fh laid eggs,three time i failed to get fries, this time i separated the female with a seperator. The eggs are still red in color hope the male is fertilizing bt some of the eggs are white hope this time i ll get the fries need assistance

  21. I am a Angel fish breeder. Now I want to breed the flower horn fish.If possible kindly let me know the flower horn fish mail and femail identification and full matchure age of breeding.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Manabendra Nath.( from India).

  22. hi i have a male flowerhorn i bought it when it was 1inch with 3 fishes i kept them in same tank from when i bought but the male is fighting to the female always

  23. Sir my male flohoron is 5inch and may female flohoron is 2.5inch.but male direct attack to the female plz help me sir plz

    • You dont need help your female flowerhorn needs your help now. Keep your flowerhorn with seperator or in diff tank. And flowerhorn need more then 70gallons of fish tank around 3 feet for one flowerhorn.

  24. sir i have a male and female flowerhorn hw do i know if the male is ready to mate my male and female are of the same age so pls tel me hw do i find if the male is ready and after the eggs are given hw many days should i keep the male flowerhorn with the eggs pls rly me sir

    • Set your aquarium heater to 28 degrees. Your female will be closer to heater. Male will chase and might slightly attack her. Keep a watch for sone time. If after some time if they swim together, their pair is set. Then you would see female wants to be male. After successful laying of eggs and fertilisation, it takes 3-4 days for eggs to hatch.


  25. Hello
    My 5″ female flowerhorn hatched more than 200 eggs six months ago. I still have 6 fry today. the male died later and then I purchased a 4″ male and another 300 eggs hatched two months ago. But within 24 hours all died. maybe because water was cold. Now fixed a water heater and at 28C again 300 eggs hatched. Again all died within 2 hours of hatching. What could be the problem ?

    • Are you changing water after fry hatch? Or giving food instantly? Just leave the newly hatched fry as they are. If necessary separate both the parents. You can also put a little bit of methanol blue to the fry tank to avoid fungus.


    • Yes, put a heater in tank and see if the female is going towards heater.. if yes she is ready to breed.


  26. Greetings,
    i hav both male nd female flower horn fish . D question s dat how large the tank should be 4r breeding nd how can i seperate them

    please help me

    rpy me fast

  27. hi, I have 4.5″ male & 2.5″ female last 5 days back only female laied eggs
    same time I remove the divider than both are get pairup fertile both to eggs after one day male started to bit to female so I remove the female , & also male, after 2 days eggs converted to white, attack fungus also so this time I fail to breed, so please help me somebody wher I did mistake next time I want to successfully, may be next around 10 to 15 female laying eggs

    • Use a transparent devider. Also, as the article says, when using devider, the water flow should be from male to female. Wait for atleast 3 – 4 months till you try again.


  28. I have a pair of flower horn and it’s been breeded once. Inorder to start next breeding whether i have remove all the baby fishes from the tank or just remove the pairs?

    • Remove both parents one babies are free swimming. Wait for atleast 4 months for healthy breed.. feed the pair high quality food.


  29. Hello,
    In my tank i have an pair of Flowerhorn i separated both by an divider But im just confused that Male fish is lying eggs
    in the male Anal i can see an 1 or 2 mili meter of something and touching the surface of glass and i can see eggs on tank clearly
    will male flowerhorn ly eggs?
    but i can’t see any eggs in the female side
    i removed the divider female fish is eating the eggs and male is fighting with female

  30. hi guys,
    right now I having 4″ Male & 2′ Female , I put clear glass divider & some white sand also, since from one & half week ago female moving sand to beside it making place to laying eggs, its stomac also little bit bigger, it turn full black like as when it convet time of laying eggs, but still its not laied eggs, I purchace that female some shop, he telling before one month back its layed eggs around 50 to 60, my quation is its laying eggs Or not, can i change female or if I wait for some days, up to what time to wait.

  31. hi , i want to breeding folwerhorn but i have one question . after the flowerhorns hatch the egg the babys head is small and not have a good quality.what food give to fish when borned to have a good head and good color? thanks alot

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